Video Lectures from ACT China III 2013
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Over the course of the 3-day ACT China III Workshop, a global faculty of experts addressed the current issues and challenges in carrying out Phase I, II and III clinical trials through a series of lectures, discussions, and workshops. We believe that the curriculum – covering ethics, preclinical studies, clinical trial design and conduct, statistics and regulatory considerations – will help transform oncology research in China for the benefit of cancer patients in China and around the world.


1. Welcom and introduction

2. the principal investigator's responsibilities in conducting biomarker driven clinical trials

Richard L. Schilsky

3. Phase I biomarker driven clinical trials:objectives,design,endpoints

Lillian L.Siu

4. Phase I trials of targeted agent combinations

Jin Li

5. Pharmacokinetics, drug-target interactions, and identifying adverse events in phase I biomarker driven clinical trials

Lillian L.Siu

6. Panel discussion:Phase I biomarker driven clinical trials


1. Development and validation of biomarkers as clinical tests

Lillian L.Siu

2. Biomarker-driven PHASE II clinical trials

Richard L. Schilsky

3. Adaptive design and biomarker-based Phase I, Phase II trials

J. Jack Lee

4. Do we need Phase II trials in the biomarker driven study era?

Yi-Long Wu

5. Panel discussion: Use of Phase II clinical trials in the era of biomarker driven research


1. Statistical considerations for Phase III biomarker driven trials, interim analusis, and data monitoring

J. Jack Lee

2. Panel discussion 1

3. Panel discussion 2


1. Disscus1 

2. Disscus2

3. Opportunities and challenges in combining targeted therapies for breast cancer

Bi-yun Wang

4. A multi center, randomized, phase II trial of MLN0128 versus placebo in 3rd line treatment of advanced NSCLC with wild-type EGFR/ALK

Qiang Nie

5. Phase I study of ipilimumab in patients with advanced nasopharyngeal cancer

Jun-ning Cao

6. Phase I clinical trial of MLN0128 combined with bevacizumab in solid tumors

Ji-fang Kong

7. Randomized controlled phase II trial: efficiedcy and safety of MLN0128 in advanced gastric cancer

Hao Zhang

8. Closing remarks


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