SSO and CSCO have a very good relationship
PUBLISHED: 2016-06-03   3473 total views, 1 today

CSCO established reciprocalmembership with Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) in September 2015. SSO andCSCO desire to collaborate, interact and foster an open exchange of ideas inorder to advance their common goals.

With further cooperationbetween the two societies, SSO offered a project of International CareerDevelopment Exchange Program, which will sponsor a qualified CSCO member who isup-and-coming surgical oncologist in good standing to attend SSO Annual Meetingand visit two pre-eminent Surgical Oncology Institutions within the U.S.A.

Nowthat this program has been accomplished successfully. Dr. Zi Yin, a general surgeonin Guangdong General Hospital was identified to attend this program. See moredetails, please log on

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